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Massey Hereford Ranch is a Registered Hereford ranch located in Stephenville, Texas with roots in the commercial cow business from our headquarter ranch in Wickett, Texas. The ranch has been in our family since 1917, when it was established by pioneer ranch man G. W. O’Brien. The family has been in the Hereford business since the establishment of the ranch and the Registered Hereford business since 1963. Many Junior showmen have been, and continue to be successful on the state and national levels with Massey Hereford Ranch heifers and steers. Our open show strings have also been successful throughout the state and nation. The fifth generation is now actively involved in the ranch and the sixth generation is on the ground and growing. Our herd today is greatly influenced by Coyote Ridge Ranch bloodlines. We have daughters and granddaughters of Durango, Davidson, Catapult, Golden Oaks Maxium, Online 122L, Nitro, Trust, Moler, and Shiner. If you have any questions about our operation or anything in our herd, let us know via the contact information provided below.
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